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  • 1.  Community-Based Residencies

    Posted 10-23-2023 12:20 PM
    Edited by Devin Horinek 10-23-2023 12:22 PM

    Hey everyone! Who is interested in learning about how community-based pharmacy residencies differ from traditional institutional PGY1 residencies? APhA champions the growing number of community-based pharmacy residency programs. If you didn't know, there are almost 200 community-based residencies in the U.S. currently!

    Community-based pharmacy residency programs develop residents into well-rounded community pharmacists with unique skills in patient care, leadership, and outpatient pharmacotherapy needed to serve as leaders in their practice setting.

    As a community-based pharmacy resident, I can speak about my experience as a resident so far. Some ways that my residency differs from the traditional pharmacy residency are that I work on a quality improvement project and make a business plan in addition to my research project. My rotational experiences are generally longitudinal, which helps with the continuity of learning and allows me to establish long-term care plans for my patients throughout the residency.

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about community-based pharmacy residencies, what projects you might be doing or have done so far, and anything else you'd like to share! Check out this link below to access APhA's Community-Based Residency informational web page!

    Devin Horinek, PharmD
    PGY1 Pharmacy Resident
    Southwest Care Center
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • 2.  RE: Community-Based Residencies

    Posted 10-24-2023 09:23 AM

    Hi Devin!

    I think Community Based Residencies are an amazing opportunity for pharmacists! While that is not the route I went, I am currently a preceptor for our community-based resident! In a time where pharmacy is charged for change, these residents have so many amazing projects that are focused on the patient and improving the services we offer! I would love to connect with you! I'm working on a neat quality improvement project with my resident!

    [Laura] [Sosinski] [PharmD, MBA, BCPS]
    [Pharmacy Manager - Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy]
    [Adjunct Professor BSHS - Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences]
    [APhA NPN Member Engagement Standing Committee]

  • 3.  RE: Community-Based Residencies

    Posted 10-24-2023 12:22 PM

    So great to hear about your experiences Devin! Impressive to see the community-based residencies growing so quickly.

    Michelle Johnston
    Centerville OH

  • 4.  RE: Community-Based Residencies

    Posted 12-05-2023 08:40 PM
    Edited by Michelle Chin 12-05-2023 08:41 PM

    That's awesome!  I did a community-based residency for my PGY-1 with Walgreens Specialty, and I have a great time.  Similar to your experience, my rotations were also longitudinal.  I also had a quality improvement project and business plan in addition to my research.  Additionally, I had a field leadership experience and the opportunity to rotate at different Walgreens specialty stores to learn about rare, complex disease states each store focused on.  My PGY-1 residency not only taught me clinical skills but also the skills necessary to manage a pharmacy.  I feel lucky to have completed a community-based pharmacy residency and was able to secure a PGY-2 afterwards.  For anyone with the slightest interest in a community-based pharmacy residency, I highly encourage him or her to reach out to current residency program directors and residents of these programs to learn more about what the residency offers.

    Michelle Chin