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  • 1.  Films that had an impact on you…

    Posted 05-31-2023 10:09 PM

    New Transition Article was recently released where Aneesh Asokan, PharmD, MBA shared his top five films that had an impact on his life. I wanted to start a thread on this.

    A film that had an impact on me was How to train your dragon. The film showcased how someone who is different from everyone else can make a huge difference in the world. Hiccup, the main character, brought harmony to two opposing factions that have been at odds since forever. This is one film that I'll probably never get tired of rewatching. Anyone else like to share

    Augustine Bui BS,MBA,PHARMD,RPH
    Lansing MI

  • 2.  RE: Films that had an impact on you…
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    Posted 07-11-2023 06:17 PM
    This was really a docuseries, but it’s probably one of the most impactful things I’ve watched to date: 9/11: One Day in America. It follows several first responders, newscasters, civilians, & family members of victims from Ground Zero, the Pentagon, & flight 93. I had just started third grade when 9/11 happened, & this really shed a whole new light on 9/11. I always heard how 9/11 was the picture perfect day that New Yorkers dreamed about, but to see it on camera in the kind of filmography that captures the innocence of 2001, it really shows you the day they mean. And you can really feel the impact this day had on New Yorkers especially. This day obviously impacted all Americans, but this day impacted New Yorkers differently it seemed. They lost trust, but they also showed their resilience. I can’t recommend it enough, but be warned. It’s sickening, it’s disheartening, & I couldn’t stomach all of it in one sitting. You get really attached to the people, & to know that many of them aren’t living today due to the secondary effects of those towers crashing, hurts. 9/11: One Day In America really highlights the good parts of being an American.

    Allison Reed
    Grove City OH