Recovering from Personal Setbacks and Growing in Your Career

By Jay Shelvin posted 05-24-2021 10:09 PM


A personal career setback can be perceived in different ways. It could either mean being away from work for a while owing to health conditions, loss of a family member, or any such reason to take a break. On the other hand, it could also occur due to a personal attribute or characteristics at work. 


A career setback can be tough, challenging, and trying, but know that you are not alone and the fact that most people face a career setback at least once, if not more, through their journey. The steps mentioned herein will define your future and help you make a strong comeback.


Brush up your skills and knowledge 


If you have been out of the work setup for a few years, it is crucial to brush your knowledge and be up to date with the industry you were or wish to be a part of. The best way to utilize your sabbatical or career setback is to learn new and relevant skills or take a few courses for learning and adapting to these new formats of working. 


Perhaps the best way for comfortable and convenient learning is by making use of online courses. Learn more about StraighterLine and their online college classes that help students learn more skills and upgrade their existing knowledge in any subject matter of choice. 


Reach out to your network 


An effective way of looking for leads and new work opportunities is by re-visiting your existing network. It could be your older employer, colleagues, clients, or any business connections. Talk to them; take updates on the current work scenario and take this as a chance to further expand your network. 


Another great way is to leverage your social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn to connect with relevant HR heads, clients or business leads. At this juncture, the more connections you manage to make, the chances of a bright future multiply.


Approach this with a positive attitude


Yes, career setbacks can be daunting and might even make you apprehensive of trying new things in fear of failing. However, your positive attitude stands for the power to correct everything and take you on the right path. Do not spend too much time pondering over the past and why you had a setback in the first place.


Accept what has occurred and also the reason behind it and start looking at what the future holds or could hold for you. Practice positive self-affirmation and couple it with hard work, and soon you will taste the success you have been yearning for. 


Allow yourself enough time 


The mantra to coming back stronger and staying consistent, especially after coming from a setback, is to give the process adequate time. Most people tend to expect results quickly and believe that over-working will help achieve fast results.


On the contrary, this speediness could further cause an early burnout, de-motivating you to proceed further. The idea is to go slow, learn along the way and sustain while you are at it. Prepare a journal and record the smallest of your achievements at work. This helps build patience and push you to do better each day.


Seek advice and support 


It is okay to ask for help and direction as that is what sets you on the right path and helps you initiate activities targeted at growth. Seek for a mentor, a guide, or even a confidant who could help you deal with work and continue to learn with every business activity. 


Keep an open mind on your setback, understand why it happened and do not shy away from talking about it. You will find people along the way who will believe in your work, but it all starts when you first believe in yourself.