Enhance Your Google Business Listing so You’re Easily Found

By Jay Shelvin posted 11-07-2020 03:02 PM


It’s important to list your business for marketing purposes. If people search for your business, then it should come up on the most well-known listing sites. There are many of these business directories, most of the being segmented by category and service. As a medical business, you want to attract new patients and expand your practice and a Google business listing gives your business greater exposure. 

A competitive advantage

Business competition is fierce, and every business, more so a medical business, has to build a competitive advantage. You have to give your customers everything that matters to them and give them everything they need to reach you. 

You have to optimize your Google business listing – make sure information on your business, as well as contact details, are listed online. This needs to be on the most sought after business listing site such as Google Business Listing. Marketing on Google for medical businesses is best done through a digital marketing agency as they help a business stay ahead of search trends. 

Hill Web Creations knows that being present online helps to connect your business with customers much quicker. They have a lot of experience in Google mobile search too to increase online visibility and strengthen your web presence in search engine rankings. 

Optimized for desktop and mobile device

People are constantly looking for information on illnesses, symptoms and doctors, and of course, they rely on the internet to find healthcare in their area. People look for information on healthcare business listings directories where they find contact details and online reviews.

Whether a patient uses their desktop or mobile device, Google identifies where the person is located and delivers information in a certain geographic radius. Google is the most important online business listing for a business profile. You can optimize your profile by ensuring all your information is accurate and that you give a description of your practice, your business hours and a proper business category selection. 

Remember the importance of keywords, as these are the phrases people use when searching for information about your services. 

Google Maps

Your Google My Business listing is a free tool from Google for businesses and Google maps can make sure your business is easier to find. Google Maps acts as a search engine to find a business and as a map to direct users to the location. 

If you are a local business, this form of search marketing is essential. When users view your business on Google Maps, the platform provides a comprehensive index of your business, and that includes the company’s phone number. 

Customers rely on reviews a lot to see what other businesses say about products or services and Google Maps displays reviews to provide a complete profile of the business. Essentially Google Maps is a powerful tool for businesses as it builds brand awareness.

Local search marketing

As an optimization strategy, local search marketing can help your business perform better in local searches. This local search marketing is a form of search engine optimization that helps local businesses be found in local searches. 

To build a local search presence, optimizing your online information will be required so that search engines put your business in the correct searches. You need to provide your business name, address, phone number and URL so that search engines know precisely where you’re located.

They also need the correct categories. You can’t just say ‘restaurant’ - you need to specify what type of restaurant so that the search engine knows exactly what you do.