Choose life in a Residential Rehab for Addiction

By Jay Shelvin posted 10-21-2020 03:30 PM


There are thousands of people in the UK suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The addiction affects their entire life, and while coming off an addictive substance can be difficult, it is better when you have help to come clean as opposed to going it alone.  

If your addictive habits are out of control, residential rehab can be the solution as they choose life for you. 

A place to filter out your addiction

Located in Surrey, Lifeline is a wonderful tranquil residential rehabilitation as a solution that attracts those with all kinds of addictions. The beautiful, peaceful environment is conducive to the development of both the physical and emotional wellbeing of patients. The comfortable, spacious living facilities offer privacy and space. 

Lifeline offers a range of recreation activities too, and in between enjoying healthy and tasty meals, they offer lots of activities to keep you occupied. The beautiful gardens encourage one to be at peace, but for those with more action on their minds, there is a fully equipped gym, walks in the countryside and a swimming pool. 

In such therapeutic surroundings, you’re guaranteed comfort and peace as the stylish rehab provides patients with high-quality treatments for addiction that are centred on the patient’s particular needs. 

If you are trapped in any kind of addiction, they say that it is time you booked yourself into their beautiful rehabilitation centre in Surrey and start to live life fully again. 

They intervene for you

Their treatment programmes are managed by professional- and experienced staff who determine your in-patient treatment duration. Treatments are designed to help patients with a host of core issues and to also ensure patients leave the residential rehab with all the skills needed to face life again without alcohol or drugs. 

They also offer intervention services, particularly helpful for those people in denial. It is especially useful for those who don’t see the damage they are causing themselves and their loved ones. 

Lifeline offers different kinds of interventions and they have a trained intervention counsellor to assist with communicating with loved ones and explaining to them how the rehabilitation process works.  

Different treatments

One of their treatments is NADH Therapy for addiction. NADH stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide & Hydrogen. NADH has been found to reduce fatigue, and to also assist with detoxification. 

It can help you get through terrible withdrawal symptoms far easier as it also restores balance within the mind. We all know how excessive drinking can age you but NADH therapy comes with anti-aging benefits because of the way it regenerates cells within the body. It is great for detoxification as it speeds up the body’s natural restorative power. 

Withdrawal symptoms can be something most addicts dread as they can become intense and disturbing, especially when seizures and hallucinations are included. NADH can reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms by as much as 70%.

A holistic approach 

It is through the combination of the best treatments that is able to provide a complete, holistic procedure that restores not only health and a sound mind to patients, but it works to build strong personal relationships again.

Speaking of holistic care, it isn’t just about helping patients with harmful and addictive substances, the patients who stay in the residential facilities are treated as an entire whole. This means taking care of everything - physical, emotional, and psychological health. 

This includes a healthy diet that tackles malnutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation as well as art therapy where the patient learns to express and communicate in a calm, clear way. Life coaching and life skills also play an important role in helping to restore broken relationships.