Staying Up To Date In The Pharmacy Industry

By Jay Shelvin posted 10-19-2019 07:17 PM


Staying up-to-date in the pharmacy industry isn’t easy, but this is something all practitioners must do. It is a constant battle for a pharmacist, as duties at work and at home can easily get in the way or you simply can forget. Learning and developing as a pharmacist is a lifelong commitment and isn't something which can be accomplished just once or done all at one time.

There are lots of areas to stay informed about such as recommendations, literature, associations, continuing pharmacy education (CPE), and laws, but remember that this is absolutely not an all inclusive listing. Another thing to consider is different professions may challenge one to remain relevant in different ways. For example, working at a neighborhood pharmacy would typically have you focus on finding new medications and new insurance programs. Should you work with clients, they might ask you questions concerning new cholesterol guidelines and this might challenge you to become an authority in that area.

Pharmacy associations

Pharmacy organizations are created at the school, neighborhood, state, and federal levels. Joining and paying for your membership is just the start, challenge yourself to find a means to become involved and network with other members. Think about the teachers who helped get you to the place where you are now and challenge yourself to return to the profession by introducing student or volunteering at students events, devoting to scholarships, or engaging in pupil mentoring/networking events.

Does your state or the regional area have a professional group? If they dont, think about getting one started! Linking with other new professionals will be able to aid you with the transition from a new pharmacist to a seasoned professional. Collaboration may also help you understand how to manage unique scenarios, inspire one to return to the profession, and also find unique ways to remain involved.


Search for at least one or two that fit into what your focus is. You might also need to check into specialty conventions for your own areas of interest.

Continued Education

A mandated type of remaining relevant is continuing education for pharmacists. As this is something that each pharmacist needs to do, shop around for one that fits your needs and is affordable.

Board Certification

Board certification is a formal method of documenting technical experience and techniques. Becoming board certified gives you personal satisfaction and also the prospect of monetary benefits or career improvement. Maintaining your board certificate demands you to remain up-to-date on the drugstore guidelines and practices on your specialization area through the conclusion of CPE or even re-examination. 

Advocacy and laws

Use upgrades from the state board of pharmacy, state associations, and the significant national pharmacy associations to find out about efforts and initiatives which influence the profession, for example supplier status