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Member Highlights

"Precepting is your opportunity to make an impact on the profession, helping to pave the way forward by advancing education and the future of pharmacy." Dr. Lakdawala is a new practitioner and volunteer who clearly has a passion for precepting. She credits her fantastic preceptors at VCU school of pharmacy and their dedication to her pharmacy learning and professional development for making her realize as a student that she wanted to give back to pharmacists in the same manner. One of her former preceptors advised her, "you always have to pay if forward", and that sums up why she is a preceptor.

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The advice I give to student pharmacists considering graduate school is … to take advantage of your time and resources in pharmacy school by exploring the wide variety of pharmacy-related careers. If you’re anything like me, it is unlikely you entered pharmacy school with a good understanding of them all. Finding your optimal career takes hard work that involves planning, calculated risks, and reflection, but is a worthwhile investment in your future. Set up meetings with professors and graduate students to discuss their experiences, seek out opportunities to take part in research, and take the APhA Career Pathway Evaluation Program for Pharmacy Professionals on pharmacist.com. Your future self will thank you.

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