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Want to Write a Book? You'd Better Start Now

“The whole duty of a writer is to please and satisfy himself, and the true writer always plays to an audience of one.” – E.B. White

That puts you smack dab in the middle of roughly 80% of the world's population. The key difference between you and them, though, is that you're actually writing. Aren't you? The funny thing about writing a book is that you actually have to sit down and do it just like you write my essay for me. Most people don't. They find a myriad of excuses, such as "I just don't have the time." You can work on your book anywhere, including driving to work if you invest a few dollars in a small tape or digital recorder. Bring your book with you everywhere you go.

It’s a bad idea to discuss your book with others. Every industry has the discouragement fraternity (a term coined by Robert Ringer) - people who go to great lengths to convince you that you can’t succeed. How can you succeed if you’ve never written a book? It’s not in your best interest to pay attention to other people’s opinions.

Talking tends to become a replacement for writing. If you’re talking about it, you’re not writing it. If you’re asking others to give you their opinion on your manuscript, you’ll never finish it. You have to shut the door, sit at your computer, and write to that audience of one.

A true writer writes every single day. It’s all about self-discipline – writing even when you’re not motivated. Don’t wait until you’re motivated to take action. You can force yourself to take action, and motivation will follow. Think of yourself as a craftsman – much like a bricklayer or roofer. It doesn’t matter if the roofer isn’t motivated – he gets up on the roof and starts working. You’re a wordsmith – start putting words on that computer every single day. Use large uninterrupted blocks of time – just you and your computer. Eliminate time-wasting people from your life.

People are very busy these days. But, think of all the time you’re wasting. Put your projects into a binder and carry it with you. You can use little bits of time – waiting in an office for an appointment; a few minutes after lunch; waiting for a meeting. It gets down to self-discipline and the human tendency to dwell on non-constructive thoughts and emotions. You concentrate on concentration. Force yourself to sit down and write every day – this is the biggest problem most writers have. In the end, Nike had it right, didn't they?

Just write your book and forget about the way to pay someone to write my paper. When you come to accept that anxiety is a part of the game, as much as daydreaming and revision, then the terror becomes easier. As soon as you realize that at any moment there are probably hundreds of other writers biting their fingernails, pacing in circles, and getting up to go to the bathroom when their bladders are empty, you feel less alone and less ridiculous for fearing the activity you claim to love. When you realize that the fact that you are filled with dread is no more a comment on your writing ability than the color of your hair, it will be easier for you to push past it, jam your rear in the chair and write. Now go write!

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