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It happens to all of us. Those instances of low energy when we're simply just not in the mood to do anything.

Staying in bed feels better than getting up to exercise. Watching TV all night is more comfortable than reading something positive and useful before bedtime.  You may even find yourself laying on the couch 15 minutes before heading off to work, feeling like a grumpy little kid who doesn't want to go to school.

What I have realized is that motivation comes in waves – kind of like an electric current flowing through our brains. It can be strong and vibrant at any given time whereas other moments it can be weak and dim. No matter how driven you consider yourself to be, you will always encounter these periods where you feel less inspired to take action.


So when your sofa and Youtube account are calling your name and holding you back from doing the things you know would be much more productive – here are a couple tactics you can use to eliminate procrastination and move closer towards your goals and desires.


Tips For Staying Motivated


  • Write It Down

Each morning make a small list of things you want to accomplish . Keep it simple, you’re not trying to fly to the moon or anything – yet…  Just start with three small tasks that would move you closer to achieving your goals.


Just the simple act of writing these down will send a strong message to your subconscious mind that this is what you expect – making it crystal clear. At the end each day check in with yourself to see how you did. This will help develop awareness and keep track of your accomplishments as well as gain some momentum towards some great habits.


  • Think Bigger

Another tip that will most definitely help you stay motivated through those times of low motivation is to make sure you have BIG HUGE reasons for why you want to achieve your goals, get something accomplished, or move towards making  a change in your life.


More exercise or getting into shape, for example, sounds lame and boring! But when you start telling yourself that you are going to train like a pro and develop the lean body of an Olympic athlete with boundless energy,  you are far more likely to follow through with that positive vision when self-doubt or tough times set in. Having a ‘Big Picture’ mentality will give you something to fall back on when you lack motivation by reminding you why you are doing this and where you see yourself going.


Whatever your goals are right now, the chances are they are not big enough. You can do better and you deserve to think bigger!


  • Feel Good About It

Start challenging yourself by applying some positive pressure on whatever you need to get done. Believe in your abilities to rise to the occasion, and feel good about it. If you have been meaning to read that book sitting on the coffee table or study for an exam, think about how good you will feel after. Imagine the knowledge you will have gained and appreciate the time that you have invested in yourself. Just getting started is something to get excited about and taking action actually triggers the reward response in our brain.


Going to work in the morning can be looked at as a great oppertunity to bring some positive energy to your environment.


Out of all the tips for staying motivated

I think the most important and highly effective is to just do it – whatever that is for you – and  have fun. Don't wait for motivation to come your way – it may never come.


Bring motivation to everything you do and you will begin to see that it will come back bigger and stronger when you least expect it. Thinking positive makes any task a lot easier to accomplish. (Listening to some good music always helps!)
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